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How do the Aboriginies pay homage to their inheritance? Through art, stories, dancing, songs, etc.
What is “the Dreaming”? The event when the spirits bequeathed the land to humans
What is the significance of the Didgeridoo? It represents the portal between the spirits and humans
What would Aboriginal dancing imitate? Nature (animals, etc.)
Define “Bush” music. The songs and music that has come from people's experiences of living and surviving in the Australian bushlands
Who would create/pass down Bush songs? Common People
How were Bush songs passed down? Orally
What were some of the topics Bush songs would cover? War, Unions, Life, Loneliness, Work, etc.
What instruments were commonly used in Bush songs? Banjo, Fiddle, Harmonica, Tea Chest
What was the unofficial National Anthem of Australia? “Waltzing Matilda”

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