word processing

Question Answer
Sans Serif Plain font,without hooks or lines used for headlines
widow is a single line of a paragraph which appears at the bottom of a page or column
Export is to save a copy of the current open document,database,image,or video into a file format required by a different application.
2 other named for numeric keypad number pad,numpad,ten key
input a device or component that allows information to be given to a computer
import is the process of bringing text or graphics into an application form another source
caps lock is a button on a computer keyboard that,when pressed, causes all letters to be generated in capitals until deactivated
find command that initiates a search for an specific item in a document
adds no lines or hooks to the shape of the letter Sans Serif
gutter the white space between columns
error a mistake made in the typing process of printed materials
replace a command that exchange one word or symbol for another
spacing distance between characters, lines, fields, or cells in a document
spell checker word processing option that checks a document for spelling errors and offers corrective alternatives
ruler graphic form which a user can set tabs and margins and perform other functions
4 inventions that help with manual work hammer,printing press,tractor trailer, wheelbarrow
ouput any device that receives information from a computer
algorithm a series of commands
buffer a portion of computer memory that temporarily holds data
4 things all computers have in common input, storage, processing, and output
vertical/horizontal scroll bars a long thin section at the edge of a computer display by which material can be scrolled using a mouse
print to copy a document to pages of paper using a printern
landscape is the orientation of a picture or page where the width is greater than the height
minimize causes a window to disappear without closing the program or file or discarding any data

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