Tori_Sience Ocean Currents

Question Answer
What energy source heat up the atmosphere to form wind The sun
What causes deep currents in the ocean differences in water density
Where is the deepest, densest ocean water in the Antarctic Bottom Water
Is warm water less dense or more dense and why warm water is less dense. it is les dense because denser water is always colder
How do convection Currents transfer energy They transfer energy vertical, circular, cyclical
Why is upwelling important to ocean life The nutrients that are brought to the surface
What industry is located in and near areas of upwelling Fisheries
Near the equator the ocean absorbs what type of energy solar energy
What are the 2 main things that are transported by Ocean Currents Nitrogen and phosphorus
What is the most common solid that is dissolved in Ocean water sodium chloride
Does the ocean water absorb gases yes
Which 2 gases are necessary for the survival of many marine organisms Dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide
What causes currents in open water to move in a curved path Continental Deflection
During upwelling what happens to the cold nutrient rich water it falls to the denser deep part of the ocean
List 3 organisms transported by ocean currents Continental deflections, the Coriolis effect, and global winds
Describe how convection currents transfer energy from the polar regions to the equator region the warm less dense water is carried by surface currents go to the polar regions. then once in the polar region, it gets colder and sinks to the bottom and is sent back to the equatorial region

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