Tori_Science Water Cycle

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What is the water cycle? Movement of water between the atmosphere, land, oceans, and even living things
What are the three states of water liquid, solid(ice), and gas
How does water reach the atmosphere Water reaches the atmosphere through evaporation, transpiration, and sublimation
What is evaporation when liquid water changes into water vapor
What is Transpiration release of water vapor into the air by plants
What is sublimation solid water changing directly to water without first becoming a liquid
what is condensation the change of state from a gas to a liquid
What are some forms of condensation Clouds, mist, fog, and dew are some forms of condensation
What is precipatation Any form of water that falls to the Earth's surface
What are the three common forms of precipataion Rain, snow, and hail are the 3 common forms of precipatation
What is runoff runoff is when water flows downhill over land
What does water transport? energy and matter
what are the 3 examples of how water absorbs energy When it melts, evaporates, or sublimates
What is the name of the master current in the oceans around the world Thermoline Conveyor
What are created when cold waters sink and cold waters rise currents are created in the ocean when cold waters sink and cold waters rise
when does water release when it condenses, freezes, or deposits
What is surface water water found above earth's surface
Where can surface water be found in rivers, lakes, and streams
Surface water and runoff fills up spaces between rocks
What is groundwater? Water below Earth's surface
What is the water table? the upper boundary or surface of groundwater
What is a tributary A smaller stream that feeds into a river and into a river system
What is a channel A path that a stream follows and gets wider over time
What is a river system A network of streams and rivers that drain an area of runoff
What is a divide it separates watersheds from one another
What is infiltration When some of the water on land seeps into the ground
What is a water shed The area of land that is drained by a river system
What is the largest watershed In the US Mississippi River watershed
What is a gradiant A measure of the change in elevation over a certain distance
What is a river's flow the amount of water that moves through the river channel in a given amount of time
What is an aquifer A body of sediments or rocks that stores groundwater and allows it to flow
What is porosity The percentage of rock with open pores
What does permeability measure how easily water flows through an aquifer
What is discharge The process in which ground water becomes surface water
What is a stream load Matirials carried by a stream

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