Study Guide 7

Question Answer
Electoral College special group of electors chosen to vote for president and Vice President 197
Legislative Law making branch of the government
Executive Branch of government that execute,or carries out, the law;headed by the president
Judicial branch the branch of government that includes the courts that settle disputes and questions of the law.
Federalism sharing power between the federal and state governmenT
Compromise a settlement of a dispute by each party giving up some demands
Great Compromise This Compromise was made by Roger Sherman of Connecticut and it proposed that they had a two-house legislative that the upper house,senate t ate each state would have 2 votes and the lower house,congress, is based on population.
BillOfRights The biggest criticism of the constitution may be it lacked BOF to protect individual freedoms. The bill of right is amendments to the constitution.
Shays rebellion Shays rebellion showed the weakness in The articles of confederation.
Three-Fifths Compromise For every 5 slave in a state 3 people will counted in the population.
Checks and balances a system by which each branch of government limits power of other branch
Economic Depression A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases
The Convention May 1787 and continued a very long hot ummer. Their was 55 delegates with planters,college president,and physicians there were 30 years of age and 180. About half of them went to college and their was no Native Americans,, African Americans and women.
Republic a government in which citizens rule though elected representatives.
Personal Debt when someone owns money
Diffenrce betweena federalist and anti federalist Federalist likes federalism but anti don’t believe in a strong government.

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