S.S unit 2 mesopotamia

Question Answer
mesopotamia land between Tigris and Euphrates river
Tigris river right river in mesopotamia
Euphrates river left river in mesopotamia
sumer first civilization ever in southern Mesopotamia
irrigation canal supply land with water
levee earthen dam
silt fine particals in water
city-state city that is like an independent country
plateau an area of high elevated flat and
plain an area of low flat land
reservoir a man made lake to hold water for future use
what were the problems in sumer food shortages, uncontrolled water supply, maintaining irrigation systems, and attacks by neighbors
Mesopotamia is called the ____________ because of good land and farming fertile crescent
what country is Mesopotamia in today Iraq
Mesopotamia means ____________ land between the rivers
food shortages in zagros mountains moved to plains of sumer
droughts and floods from uncontrolled water supply levees, reservoir, irrigation canals
silt clog canals cooperate to maintain canals
attacks by nieghbors wall, moat, army

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