Psych Exam 1

Question Answer
John Watson King of Psych
What did he create? Behaviorism
What is he credited with making? The coffee break.
Classical Conditioning Neutral items can be paired with something good or bad. Can learn to love or hate the object
Explination Science is useless without being able to explain something
Determinism you have no choice but to do what you are going to do next
Free will doing what you want
Temporal Contiguity together in time
Descartes mind can control matter.
Monist Believe in either mind or brain
Dualist Believe in both mind and brain
Skinner Mind has no power. believes it exist but is powered by the brain
Epiphenomenon The mind is there but it dont do nothing
Berkeley There is no matter. We are just spirits. We are all part of God
Neurons are all or nothing
Agonsits A chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response.
Antagonists A chemical or drug that binds to receptors in the brain and prevents an agonist from having a reaction
Serotonin Mood and Sleep. SSRI. Effects erections. Less side effects than Tricyclics.
Prozak Prevents reuptake. keeps it in the synapse
Tryciclics Old fashion antidepressant. Lots of side effects. Exactly the same as SSRI
Acetylcholine Alzheimer's, attention, muscles.
Kerari Antagonist for Acetylcholine. Paralyzes you can you drowned
Norepinephrine Attention, mood pain. SNRI: Cymbalta and Effexor
Norepinephine is used for… Pain caused depression
Dopamine Pleasure and motor functions. Parkinson's and Schizo
Nucleus Accumbens Pleasure center
Agonists and Antagonists are not… Neurotransmitters
Parkinson's Low Dopamine
Schizo Too much dopamine. Lowering the dopamine causes Parkinson's
Gaba IPSP only. For Stress. Valium and Librium raise Gaba
Glutamate EPSP only. MSG. Food additive.
Central Nervous System Brain and Spinal Cord
Peripheral Nervous System Somatic (Skeletal). Autonomic. Nerves
Sympathetic Helps you fight or run away
Parasympathetic Brings things back to normal
Phineas Gage Stake went through frontal Lobe. Became a different man
Pons Bridge that help info cross
Cerebellum Controls some movement that you remember
Medulla Most important part of the brain stem: Heart rate, breathing, automatic functions
Reticular Formation Scans the environment for anything interesting. Controls you
Thalamus All sensory information goes straight here. Except Smell
Hippocampus Affects mood. Makes memories permanent
Amygdala Fear
Hypthalamus Feeding, Fighting, Feeling, Fucking
Aphasia Inability to speak or understand speech
Broca's Area Producing speech
Wernicke's Area Understanding speech
Right Hemisphere Music, Creative, humor, patterns
Left Hemisphere Logical, analytical, mathmatical
Blindsight You can see but you do not know you can see
Sensation Seeing, hearing, feeling things
Perception What your brain makes of sensory info
Vision Dont "see" objects. Dont see the energy. Dont see the neurons fire. Create a fake picture of the World
Rods Activated by Black and white. around the sides of your eyes. Dont need much light.
Cones Color. Lots of light. Sees different wave lengths. In the middle
Feature Detectors Nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features. Shape, angles, movement
Gestalt an organized whole

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