origins, insertions

Question Answer
Origin? Occipital bone, spines of cervical & thoracic vertebraeInsertion? lateral clavicle, acromion process of spine/scapulaAction? retract, elevate & depress the scapula/shoulders #1 Trapezius
Origin? medical clavicle & manubrium of sternumInsertion? Mastoid process of temporal boneAction? flex neck/ head (both sides contracting); flex, laterally rotate #5 sternocleidomastoid
Origin? zygomatic bone & zygomatic archInsertion? Angle of mandibleAction? Elevate mandible #9 Masseter
Action? raises corner of mouth #13 Zygomaticus (major & minor)
Action? puckering of lips #15 Orbicularis oris

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