montheistic religion

Question Answer
Hebrew bible torah
Hebrew God yahweh
J:Decendendents of Abraham
Abraham had migrated from Meso to Canaan
J: Migrated to Goshem aka Egypt
J: returned with help from God
Story of Jews and Moses can be found in Exodus and deuteronomy
Moses revealed ten commandments on mnt. Sinai
Have no other god
Not make served idols
Not make wrong use of his name
Keep the sabbath holy
Honor your parents
Not commit murder
Do not aldulter
Not steal
Do not bear false witness
Not covet neighbors goods
Carried the ten commandments ark of the covenant
Jews fought the ___&___for control Egyptians and Camanites
Hebrews united under saul
Became kingdom of isreal
Isreals capitol became jeruselum
Saul was succeeded by__&__ David & Solomon
N & S of isreal became__in north and __in south Ireal & Judah
B/c divided, conquered by__&__ Assyrians& Babylon
When they were captured and sent away by chaldean In Babylonian captivity
Allowed them to rebuild persians
Became a part of persian empire
Contradicted w/ roman worship of gods and emperors so were persecuted
Small part of temple remaining, considered sacred weiling wall
Survivers of persecution known as jews
Stressed moral ethics
Hebrews chose between good and evil
The promise to obey yahweh and get protection for jews is covenent
C;founder, jesus of nazareth
Matthew, mark luke, john; 4 gospels
Tells jesus’s story
He was a palistinean male
Jesus did not challenge jewish law
God’s command: love the lord with all your heart
God’s command: love your neighbor as self
Believed to be messiah or savior
Traveled with diciples
Selected 12 apostles
Was the link between the__and God people
People should ask for__&__others forgiveness & forgive
Considered the christ
Romans feared__ would lead revolt and was___ Jesus, crucified
Gospels state was resurrected
Remained on earth for__days then__to heaven 40, ascended
Saul, aka paul
Pauls letters that told about jesus epistles
Spread easily b/c did not exclude anyone
Christians put to death for faith martyrs
1504= western portion of roman empire became__,eastern portion became___ roman catholic, eastern orthodox
Split church due to___ which involved the worship of icons Bryzantine controversy
Heads the western church pope
Heads the eastern church patriarch of constantinople
Which empire left behind Z? Persian
Who was Zoroaster and when did his teachings begin? persian prophet in 600 BC
What did Zoroaster say that peoples choices were? good and evil
Light and dark anaogy light good and dark bad
Most shameful action lying
How is the most shameful act related to money debt is a form of lying
Religions similar to Zoroastrianism Judaism, Christianity, Islam
The final judgement based on reward of punishment and human choice
What question did the middle east hav after years of conflict why should there be so much suffering and chaos?
Battleground analogy earth battle ground for good and evil
Ahura Mazda their one god, fought evil and won
Zoroastrianism aspects in other religions satan,heaven and hell, angels, monotheistic

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