Male Reproductive HN Medical Terminology for Administrative Staff

Question Answer
inflammation of the testes orchitis
discharge from the penis balanorrhoea
requiring to pass urine at night nocturia
fixation of the testis orchidopexy
inflammation of the urethra urethritis
instrumental examination of the bladder cystoscopy
instrument to examine the bladder cystoscope
tumour of the kidney nephroma
abnormal condition of the prostate prostatism
inflammation of the glans penis balanitis
undescended testes cryptorchidism
tumour of the semen-producing cells seminoma
surgical excision of a testis orchidectomy
inflammation of the prostate gland prostatitis
discharge from the prostate gland prostatorrhoea
discharge from the penis balanorrhoea
surgical repair of the glans penis balanoplasty
inflammation of the urethra urethritis
stricture/narrowing of the urethra urethrostenosis
surgical repair of the urethra urethroplasty
condition of multiple stones in the ureter ureterolithiasis
condition in which the urethra opens to the undersurface of the penis hypospadias
excision of part of/division of the vas deferens vasectomy
a term meaning overgrowth of an organ or tissue hypertrophy
a fluid-filled sac around the scrotum hydrocele
procedure to remove all or part of the prepuce circumcision
difficult or painful micturition dysuria
inflammation of the epididymis epididymitis
production/formation of sperm spermatogenesis
relating to the reprodutive and urinary systems genitourinary
condition of a tight foreskin/prepuce phimosis
abbreviation for human immunodeficiency virus HIV
abbreviation for prostate specific antigem PSA
abbreviation for sexually transmitted infection STI
abbreviation for invitro fertilisation IVF
abbreviation for bladder neck obstruction BNO
abbreviation for transurethral resection of prostate TURP
abbreviation for urinary tract infection UTI
abbreviation for genitourinary GU
abbreviation for human papilloma virus HPV
substance which causes cancer to develop carcinogen
cells which spread tumour from its primary site metastases
male sex hormone androgen
male sex hormone testosterone

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