Latin and Greek root

Term Definition
Dormio or Dormitum To sleep.
Circum Around and About
Navigo, Navigatus To Sail
Inter Between or among
Mitto, Missum To send, throw or launch
Urbs City
Ology The study of…
Porto To carry
Post After
Pugno To fight
Re Again
Mirco small
Scribe, or scriptum Write
Ante Before or in front
Osteo Bone
Bios Life
A[w] Without
Amo Love
Specto To look
Mono One
Trans Across
Theos God
Peri Around
Poly Many sides……
Zoos Animal
Decem Ten
Centum Hundred
Pan All
omnis All
Claudo or clausom To close
Malus Bad, evil or ill
Con or cum Together or with
Cretos Chalk clay
Unus One
Bi Two

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