history chapter 2 history chapter two

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during the american civil war, how many states decided to separate from the united states? 11 Southern States
who was the Prime Minister of Canada? John A. Macdonald
which 4 colonies were the first to join the Dominion of Canada? Canada West, Canada East, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
which colony sent two observers to the Quebec conference but did not attend the Charlottetown conference? New foundland
in what year were two unions formed in the states? what was the name of the northern and southern union? 1861; Northern Union- Union States and Southern Union-Confederate
what did Sir John A. Macdonald argue for at the the Quebec conference, and what was the outcome if this conference? he argued for a union where all important decisions would be made by a single, central government. the outcome was 72 resolutions.
who was at the debate about confederation?` ~delegates from P.E.I.~delegates from Nova Scotia~delegates form New Brunswick~delegates from the province of Canada~European males that spoke French/English, were christian, well educated and financially secure
when did the Quebec Conference occur? -October 10-27, 1864
When did Britain abolish slavery? 1834
When did the Britain American Act come into effect? July 1, 1867
When did U.S.A sign the reciprocity Treaty with britain, P.E.I? 1854
who was not at the debate about confederation? ~black people~new immigrants~woman~aboriginal people~people with lower income~people of other religions
when did P.E.I decide not to join confederation May 4866
When did the Charlottetown Conference occur? September 1-9, 1864
When did the London Conference occur? December 4, 1866
When did Newfoundland opted out of further discussion regarding Confederation? 1865
What issues were discussed at the Charlottetown Conference ~Preservation of ties with great Britain~A federal system ~A 2-level system for the central government~A responsible government at the federal and Provincial levals
who was the leader of the rouge party in the 1860's Joseph Howe
what was Leonard Tilley's reaction to the to the Quebec Conference? he became in favour of Confederation
what was the political views of the Conservative Party in the 1860's when it came to railway and business? the Conservative Party was pro-railway and pro-business in the 1860's
what event drew attention away from the Charlottetown Conference? The traveling circus
what was the P.E.I.'s political view on Confederation? ~Opposition to Confederation was strong in P.E.I. ~the 72 resolutions received little support from islanders~May 1866 the assembly voted not to join
who was the leader of the rouge party in 1860's Antoine-Aime Dorion
what percentage of the population was eligible to vote at the first election? 73% of those eligible to vote did so, only 10% of the tool population of 320 000 was eligible
What is corn laws? British taxes placed on imported grains
What is Annexatin? A political movement in British North America (BNA) and Canada that wanted union with the US
what is Stakeholders? Individuals or groups affected by and issue
what is manifest destiny? a 19th century belief among many Americans the their country had a god given right to control the North American continent
What is Tariffs? a type of tax
What is Conscripts? People forced to serve in the military
what is Political Deadlock? A situation in which opposing political parties prevent a government's action
What is subsidies? grants of money provided by a government to support essential services
what 2 countries declared their neutrality during the American Civil War? Britain and France
what happened at the Quebec Conference? sir John A. MacDonald argued for a central government.
what was the reciprocity treaty? a treaty that guaranteed free trade between the United States and British North America.
who signed the reciprocity treaty? in 1854 the US signed the reciprocity treaty with Britain
Why was the reciprocity treaty eventually ended? Many American shipping and manufacturing business wanted to bring back import taxes for Britain and its colonies' goods so they ended the treaty in 1866

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