Energy Test October

Question Answer
Which of the following has the most energy and why?Plane, Baseball, Car, or Runner
An object would have the most energy of motion when it is moving quickly. True or False True
The runner with the most eneryg is the runner who is running the fastest. True or False True
When a pitcher throws a ball, the pitcher transfers enregy to the ball. True or False True
Give some examples of energy moving an object from place to place. 2 examples When wind blows a beach ball. When wind moves the wate in a pool.
In baseball, when a player catches a moving ball, the ball's energy changes to sound. True or False True
When an object hits the ground and makes a noise, what is happening? Some of the energy from the object is transformed to sound when the object hits the ground.
What happens when sand is spilled on a table and a person pounds the table? Explain The grains of sand will move because the vibrations of someone pounding transferred energy to the sand.
What causes the jingling sound on the collar tags of a dog or cat? You hear the jingling sound because the tags caused the air around them to vibrate.
Name three things that can cause energy to move from place to place. Sound, a moving object, and electric currents all cause energy to move from place to place.
Light transfers energy from the sun through space. True or False True
Does energy from a flashlight or lantern change? Yes, It changes from chemical energy to light.
Does a toaster move energy from place to place. yes or no yes
How does a circuit work. Draw the diagram and explain.
What happens when a football player kicks a ball? The ball gains most of the energy of motion.
What happens when a badminton player hits the birdie over a net with a racquet? The birdie's energy and motion change.
What happens when two moving objects of different size collide an move apart? Both objects lose some of their energy.
What happens when a baseball is hit and thrown back to a player? The ball changes speed and motion as it moves.
How does a light turn on? The electrical energy moves through the wire of a closed circuti such as light, the light turns on.
What is energy? Energy is the ability to do work.
How many forms of energy are there? List them 5Sound Energy, Light Energy, Mechanical Energy, Electrical Energy, Thermal Energy, and Electrical Energy.
Three facts about Sound Energy are? Produced by vibrationsTravels in wavesDoes not travel through empty space must travel through matter.
List three facts about Light Energy. Light Energy travels in waves and in a straight line.Travels through empy space.Natural resources are the sun and fire.
List two facts about Thermal Energy. Thermal Energy is also known as heat energy.The molecules moving faster equal more thermal energy.
List three facts about Mechanical Energy. Mechanical Energy is energy of motion. Kinetic energy is the moving object.Potential Energy is an object at rest.
List 2 facts about Electrical Energy. Electrical Energy is the movement of charged particles.Electrical energy can be produced from plants (fossil fuels) or alternative energy resources.
What form of energy does the flashlight produce? Light
What form of Energy does the bicycle produce? Mechanical
What two forms of energy is the candle producing. Light and Thermal
Energy can change from one form to another. Give me an example Solar Energy (the sun) changes to electrical energy, to light energy.Another exampel is the battery (chemical energy) makes the radio work. Sound Energy.
What form of energy did you use this morning before you arrive to school.
Energy can change from one form to another. Give me an example Plug (Electrical Energy) to TV ( Sound an light energy)
Energy can change from one form to another. Give me an example Wind Mill ( Mechanical ) to plug (Electrical energy)
What is motion? When an object is moving it is in motion.
What is transferred? To transfer is to pass from object to another.
What are vibrations? Rapid back and & forth movements.
What does it mean to transform? To change
What is thermal energy? The energy of moving particles- heat
What is electrical energy? Electricity or energy of a moving charged particles
What is electrical energy? Electricity or energy of a moving charged particles
A complete path which electric current can pass What is electric current?
Energy of motion. the energy that is present when an object moves
What is a generator? Transforms the energy of motion into electricity

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