Enc 1101

Question Answer
Narration Storytelling dramatizes our experiences so the others can identify them self
Timeframe The period of time during which the narrative take place
Orientation One to three or more paragraph that set the stage by introducing the characters, timeframe, place, background information, and suggesting conflict
External conflic A conflic that happens in the action of the narrative
Internal conflict
Resides within the narrator, the problem the narrator struggles with
Narrative paragraphs where the story is told.
Resolution Where the conflict is resolved, or not.
Psychological time. Use of transitions to flash backward or forward in time from story timeline.
Internal dialog helps readers get into narrator’s or character’s head
Narrative rhythm and flow prolong the juicy parts of story, and shorten the routine facts that simply move the reader from one scene to the next.
Narrative Effect the moral, lesson, or message communicated by the narrative to the readers

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