A&P CH1,2,3

Question Answer
Peri Around
Intra Within
Epi Upon
Endo Within
Inter Between
Ab From
Ad Toward
Ambi Both
Dys Bad/painful
Contra Appose
Hydro Water
Sym/syn Joined
Retro Backward
Pan All
Juxta Near/beside
Meta Change
Trans Across
Eosin Rosey
Erythr Red
Chlor Green
Cyan Blue
Melan Black
Leuk White
Idio Individual
Auto Automatic
Home Same
Hetero Different
Primi First
Semi Half
Multi Multiple
Bio Life
Tachy Rapid
Brady Slow
Hyper Exsessive
Hypo Lack of
Pseudo False
Ambi Both
Mono Single
Megaly Enlargment
Algia Pain
Ecto Outside
Clasis Crushing/breaking
Centesis Ssurgical puncture
Lysis Destruction
Plasty Surgical repair
Pexy Surgical fixation
Oid Resembling
Algesia Sensitivity to pain
Blast Embyonic stage of developement
Cele Swelling/herniation
Cide To kill
Scope An instrument
Itis Inflamation
Stasis Stopping/controlling
Tripsy Intentional crushing
Lysis/lyctic Destruction
Pnea Breathing
Ist Practitioner
Ile Pertaining to
Rrhea Flow
Rraggia Exessive flow
Plegia Paralysis
Plasia Formation/development
Pathy Disease
Ician Specialist ina feild of study
Uria Charachteristics of urine
Penia Effecting
Ole/ule Small
Oid Resembling
Oma Tumor
Logy The study of
Ic,alc,al,ar,ary,eal Pertaining to
Word Root Basic foundation of word
Combining vowl Connects components
Prefix Always found at the begining of a word;does not need a prefix
Suffix Always found at the end of word;needs a combing vowel if the suffix starts with a consonant
Combining form Word root + a vowl
Compound word Combining form + root word+ suffix

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