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text on a computer or word prosessor Word Processing( Need Define)
full space beetween lines Double Spacing (Need Define)
make your text slanted. Italicize
opens a new blank document New (Need Define)
Control P Print/Print Preview (Need Define)
Temporary storage area Clipboard (Need Define)
Change the color of your text. Font Color
Type very small letters just above the line of text. Superscript
make your text darker. Bold
Increasing size Sort/Ascending and (Need Define)Descending
Moves words to the center Center Alignment
Changes the color behind the selected text, paragraph, ortable cell. Shading
Replacing updated files Find/Replace (Need Define
Inserts a fully formatted cover page. Cover Page
Inserts decorative text into your document. OnlinePictures/Word Art
Inserts a link into your document for quick access towebpages and files. Hyperlink
Inserts text boxes into a document Text Box
Amount of space at the top, bottom, right, and left ofyour document. Default setting is 1 in on all sides. Margins
Landscape also known as vertical Portrait (Need Define)
Chooses a color for the background of the page. Page Color
Suggests other words with a similar meaning to theword you have selected. Thesaurus
On word it would be Calabri 11 Default(font and font size) Need Define
Saves your work Save/Save As Need define
remove the selection and put it on the Clipboard so youcan paste it somewhere else.put a copy of the selection on the Clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.add content on the Clipboard to your document. Cut/Copy/Paste
Opens pervious work Open need define
Closes unfinished work without saving Close need define
type style of text (default is Calibri (Body)). Font
Changes Case for example capital A to lowercase Change Case need define
Type very small letters just below the line of text. Subscript
A symbol used to separate a list. Bullets
Shows paragraph marks and other hidden formattingsymbols such as spaces and tabs. Show/Hide
The right margin Justified need define
Adds lines around text or pictures. Borders
Selects entire document for formatting changes. Select
Inserst a blank page anywhere in your document. Blank Page
Inserts ready-made shapes, such as circles, squares, andarrows.Insert a SmartArt graphic to “visually” communicateinformation (Ex. Cycle, pyramid, organization chart) Shapes/SmartArt
Inserts information at the top of the document.Inserts information at the bottom of the document. Headers/Footers
Switches between portrait (vertical) layout andlandscape (horizontal) layout. Page Orientation
vertical text Columns need define
Creates and prints envelopes. Envelopes
Creates and prints labels. Labels
goes back to work made before Undo/Redo need define
tapping to space bar once Single Spacing need define
inserts a line underneath your text. Underline
A bigger word turning into a smaller word Word Wrap need define
make your text a bit bigger. Increase Font
make your text a bit smaller. Decrease Font
size of text. (default is 11). Font Size
Make your text pop by highlighting it in a bright color. Highlight
Crosses something out by drawing a line through it. Strikethrough
Numbers from 1-10 Numbering need define
moves alignment to the left Left Alignment need define
moves alignment to the right Right Alignment need define
a frame around the text Page Borders need define
Collum cells Table/Rows/Columns need define
splits pg in half Page Break need define
Insert a chart to illustrate and compare data. Charts
Inserts page numbers into a document. Page Numbers
Inserts symbols that are not on your keyboard, such ascopyright ©, trademark ™, and check marks?. Symbols
puts page horrisatley Landscape need define
Inserts ghosted text Watermark
Checks the spelling and grammar of the text in adocument. Spelling/GrammarCheck
Opens the zoom dialog box to specify the zoom level ofthe document. Zoom

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