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Question Answer
l.The old man has two sons.One is a worker,and ____is a teacher. 1 the other ????????,??….???….,? one…the other…?
2.Students are usually interested in sports.Some like running;some like swimming;____like ball games. 2.otbers??“??????”?other?????:
3.Let’s go and have a drink. We’ve got ____time before the train leaves. 3.a little????“???????”,??“??? ?”,time??????,?a little???
4.We were all very tired, but ____of us would like to have a rest. 4.none ???all,???????“?????? ?”,????“???”??none?
5.____of the twins are in our class. 5.Both twins????,?????? are.?????both?
6.Boys, don’t touch the machines, or you may hurt _____. 6.yourselves?????boys???,?????? ?“??????”,?????????????
7.It is said that there is going to be ____important in the CCTV news. 7.something????????????,????,??????,?something?
8.We couldn't buy anything because _____of the shops opened at that time. 8.none????,“??????????”,??? none???????
9.They didn’t learn ____new in this lesson. 9.anything????????????,????, ??????anything?
10.—Why is ____easy for such a young girl to learn three foreign languages so well? —Because Britain, Germany and France are all very near ____country. 10.it;her?????it?????;?????? “???”???

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