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The people that make up communities are called what? Citizens
When citizens are working together we say that they are what? Cooperating with one another
A duty that citizens have is called what? Responsibility
A group of elected citizens who make the rules for a community is called what? Government
Written Rules that help keep the community safe are called what? Laws
Something that happens as a result of an action is called what? Consequence
Certain services That the government will provide to their citizens are called what? Government services
Money paid to the government to run a city is called what? A tax
A person who works in the community without being paid is a? Volunteer
This is a written request for a government action that people sign. Petition
A group of people who have been chosen by the citizens to meet and solve problems are called what A Council
This is an event which people vote to choose leaders or vote for or against new laws An election
This means we show what we think a group should do. Vote
The leader of a city government is called what? A Mayor
The leader of a state government is called what? A governor
The leader of our nation is called what The president
This person is a citizen who is chosen to work as a leader in the courts. A judge
Name three responsibilities citizens have that are also called rights 1) citizens have the right to practice whatever religion they choose.2) citizens have the right to speak freely3) citizens have the right to assemble are gathered together.
Name three responsibilities you have at home. Taking out the trash, feeding the fish, watering the chickens
Name three responsibilities you have at school Doing my homework, studying for tests, and respecting others.
Name three responsibilities you have in the country Saying the pledge, paying taxes, going to school
Why do we have laws? In order to keep citizen safe and have Orderly communities.
+3 consequences for breaking the laws Paying a fine, getting hurt, or even going to jail
How are government services paid for, Taxes
List to government services Police, firefighters, libraries, public schools
Name the three branches of government Executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch
This branch of government is in charge of enforcing laws and is also made up of the vice President and cabinet members. The president is the head of this branch Executive branch
This branch is made up of Congress. Congress is divided into the Senate and House of Representatives. Their job is to make new laws. Legislative branch
This branch is in charge of evaluating laws. It is made up of the court system. Judicial branch
Who is the mayor of Cincinnati? John Cranley
Who is the governor of Ohio John Kasich

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